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In the Age of A.I., Why Do You Need a Designer?

Artificial Intelligence’s Place in Art

If you’re not aware yet of the ways Artificial Intelligence is making inroads in just about every industry, you will be soon, because you’ve likely already come in contact with it. It’s personalizing your shopping, it’s helping your GPS navigation and it is curating your social media feeds. 

A.I. Art

In recent years programmers and artists have used and improved upon “text-to-image” programs. Essentially they have created applications that allow users to enter in prompts that A.I. then uses to create unique images. 

The following image was created using prompts such as “cartoon”, “backpacker”, “mascot”, and “logo”.


These image generators have the vastness of the internet itself for image sources. They can then meld the source images into unique images that are beautiful and astounding. Finished images can range from simple cartoons to ultra realistic portraits. 

DreamStudio Rendition

This is an A.I. rendering of my self portrait done in DreamStudio.

This t-shirt design was generated in DreamStudio simply by typing in words like “mountain, western Colorado in the style of 8o’s synthwave art.”

Why Pay a Graphic Designer? 

With the ability to create such beautiful art simply by typing prompts, you may be wondering “Why would I pay a graphic designer to create art for me?” The answer is, customization. Artificial Intelligence, though impressive, will never be able to tweak the designs to fit your unique needs. If you want a view of Independence Monument from the south with wavy text on the bottom, you’re going to be hard pressed to get it just the way you envision it without talking to a human being. Furthermore, A.I. has a difficult time with some more complex ideas like perspective and more intricate things like machine parts or human bodies. 

You’ll notice A.I. for some reason gave this character about 11 fingers on his right hand and added a floating mountain peak above him among other issues.

Even if you generated this image yourself and you were happy with the character, the colors and the basic layout, you would still need someone with some graphic art experience to tidy up the problems.

How Can We Use A.I. for Artistic Endeavors?

If A.I. can’t create a finalized, useable image or logo for you, then is there any reason to use it at all? We at Merge2Media have found that using A.I. to help in the brainstorming phase to very helpful. Recently we worked on developing the new logo for Thunder Mountain Elementary’s new mascot, the Mountaineers. This is when we had A.I. generated the aforementioned cartoon backpacker logos. The gave us a great launching point to come up with this more finalized artwork:

Although this wasn’t the logo the school chose to move forward with, this would suffice as a finalized illustrative logo or badge.

The sky is the limit when it comes to your graphics, illustrative or logo needs and with the aide of A.I. art generators, we can more quickly provide you with whatever you may be dreaming of for your next project. Contact Merge2Media to get started on your next t-shirt, mug, poster or logo idea!