Wordpress vs. Joomla

on Tuesday, 19 January 2016. Posted in Website Design

What is the right platform for my website?

Wordpress vs. Joomla

Everyone says their platform is the best. That is true if your website was built on your specific needs. Both Wordpress and Joomla have their benefits and challenges. We work on websites on both platforms and several custom built websites and know the ins and outs of each platform.

They both offer great SEO (Search Engine Optimization) benefits and ease of use. You can have a shopping cart for both. So why the big debate? If your web developer is looking out for what is best for you, then there should be no debate, you should trust their judgement. Would you take your car to a mechanic, when they tell you to replace your alternator say, "No thank you, I'll just keep buying new batteries for my car". I don't think you would. So why would you not trust your website designer to make the best decision for your business and your digital marketing needs?

That is why we love working with clients on their website. It gives us the opportunity to share our years of experience (since 1994), on what is truly the best option for them to use and why. We like explaining why we do things, that is what makes our job fun. Fun? Yes we have fun with what we do.

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